Monday, November 12, 2012

Karl Rove being Inconsistent? Who'd have thunk it?

George W Bush nicknamed him "Turd Blossom"
At some point it will get old, but for now it is enormously entertaining to watch the Republicans try and figure out why Romney wasn't elected even though they were all convinced that he would be (Hint: Americans, by a slim margin, didn't like what he was selling). Today, Media Matter for America has a nice summary of some of the comments made both before and after the election by Karl Rove in his Wall Street Journal column. The piece is titled, "Rove: Don't Blame Me Even If Everything I Said During The Campaign Was Wrong," and as the headline notes, these comments reveal a significant inconsistency in Karl Rove's thinking. The key summary comes in the last paragraph:
To sum up: Rove repeatedly used his Journal column to push his own financial interests by claiming that Obama was running a barrage of negative ads but predicting that Romney would still win because of the work Rove himself was doing. Then, after Romney's defeat, despite the hundreds of millions spent by Rove groups, Rove blamed a variety of factors other than himself for the defeat, including Obama's own supposedly negative campaign.
I recommend looking at the whole article, but the inconsistency should be clear: Rove claimed that Obama's negative campaigning would fail because his work would counter that and lead to Romney's election. However, when Romney was defeated, the fault lay with everyone but Karl Rove. One can't have it both ways.

Perhaps one good thing to come out of this election will be the end of Rove's political career once people realize that he doesn't have anything to offer. Keep in mind, Rove's Super PAC's took in roughly $300 million and delivered almost nothing for all that money. In fact, according to the New York Times, the best Rove could offer was, "without us, the race would not have been as close as it was."Small comfort for the donors who spent millions. If the best you can do is keep it close and still end up losing, there must be more productive ways to spend that kind of money.

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